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What is Sources of Strength?

Sources of Strength is a nationally recognized, evidence led youth suicide prevention program that is focused on helping teens before they reach the point of crisis.

The training brings teens together in partnership with caring adults and uses a fun-filled style of active learning to encourage open discussion about the very real problems that youth face, and helps them identify different ways of coping with problems that they themselves may have. The program also provides concrete steps about how a person can receive help from trusted adults and how as peers they can connect friends to help and support.  

Ultimately, Sources of Strength is a wellness program designed to help youth identify and strengthen protective factors in their lives, and leverage their voice to help create positive change in their lives, their community and their schools. 


Community Sources of Strength Training

This community training is the same program currently being implemented with our support across 37 Loudoun Middle and High Schools. Inside schools only small peer leader groups are trained, so the Ryan Bartel Foundation offers a shorter version of the same training to any teen and adult who can't benefit from the direct training at school, in order to expand the positive influence of this program into all corners of the community. The training covers the majority of the curriculum over 3 instead of 5 hours, and is led by a certified trainer and adult leaders already trained in the program.

When is training offered and who is it offered to?

Group bookings for both adults and teens are available for a minimum of 15 attendees and are suitable for athletic groups, youth groups, adults working with youth as well any adult group. Parents in particular can benefit as it enables them to start putting positive, strength based practices into their everyday lives that benefit the whole family.

To learn more or book your training, please CONTACT US.

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