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We rely on volunteers who are well-versed in mental wellness such as current mental health practitioners and students in the field of mental health to help at our weekly teen workshops and monthly FORT program. 


Adult volunteers, ages 21+, with an expertise in mental health are needed to support workshop leaders during our FORTitude for Teens workshops and at the monthly FORT. Psychology, social work, human services undergrad and grad students preferred. 


Workshop and FORT Assistants will work with the facilitators to deliver workshops and messaging; interact with teen participants; assist with set-up, check in and out, and attendance reporting. 


Time Commitment for Teen Workshops: One evening per week for four (usually) consecutive weeks for two hours at one location within Loudoun County. Time Commitment for the FORT: One Sunday each month for four to five hours at one location within Loudoun County.


As a small organization we rely on the generous support of our volunteers. If you have a specific talent or just want to assist, here are some ways you can help: Fundraising • Grant Writing • Marketing • Technical Support • Special Events • Finance and more


Creative Writing: Attention teens! Want to tell your story? Share your thoughts and experiences on feeling different or not accepted and what helped you. Essays, short stories, poetry – however you’d like to express yourself is a welcome addition to our blog!

Teen Reviewers: Middle and high school writers are needed to provide program reviews. Attend one of our programs (The FORT or FORTitude Mental Wellness Series for Teens) and provide a written review. 

2022 Volunteers of the Year

What our volunteers say...


Tori Klier

Tori’s infectious energy and enthusiasm can be enjoyed at the FORTitude for Teens mental wellness series, the FORT, the We’re All Human Color Run, and on our social channels. Tori has managed her own anxiety and depression since high school using mindfulness and lifestyle practices that she shares with teens at our programs. 

Susan Talbot.jpg

Susan Talbott

Susan has shared her mental health counseling expertise with the foundation for years. She has been instrumental in developing our new FORTitude for Teens mental wellness series and has been a kind, caring, trusted adult to many teens at our workshops and support groups. Susan’s warm, welcoming personality ensures that all teens feel welcome and supported at our programs. 

As someone who has worked with this demographic in Loudoun County, I have seen the direct benefit the Ryan Bartel Foundation has had on our teens! I love working with them and supporting their mission. Everyone pours their heart into this program and they make it a fun place to volunteer!

Volunteering for the Ryan Bartel foundation events brings me so much joy! It's more than doing good for our community, the kids we work with teach me so much about resilience, relationship building and teamwork.  And, I love that the foundation brings a safe place for teens to gather to be their true selves with no fear of judgment, allowing their true colors to shine and providing them outlets they can translate to their home lives through art, yoga, pet therapy, etc.  I am so proud to be a part of this foundation in any way I can!

I enjoy spending time with people who truly care about making the world a more peaceful and loving place

I enjoy volunteering with Ryan Bartel and try to every chance I get because it gives me a chance to connect with the community outside of work. I struggled with many of the things the teens attending the FORTs and workshops do, and volunteering allows me to reach them in a way that's sometimes difficult in a classroom setting. I initially entered my career in art education wanting to help children and adolescents find their place in the world through art, and working with the Ryan Bartel Foundation allows me to do so in creative and thoughtful ways. FORTs are always so much fun for me, and seeing teens return, recognize me, and engage in ways they didn't at the beginning is a great feeling that gets me through the week.

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