THE FORT is a community space where young people connect, share, have fun and enjoy activities that strengthen and enrich their lives. We're always looking for providers to help us build out this program, from expressive arts, to mindfulness workshops and animal assisted intervention. If you have a special skill you want to share to help young people with anxiety, stress or depression restore calm and balance, while building resiliency and strength, we want to hear from you.



Sign up to help us with any of our efforts. If you believe in our mission, let us know your skills and area of interest and how you're willing to help by filling out the form in the below link.


We're working in partnership with Loudoun County Schools to implement Sources of Strength into all schools and as well as into the community. If you would like to join our team as a trainer or adult advisor and have a passion for helping kids, contact us.


Want to tell your story? Use our blog to share your thoughts and experience on feeling different or not accepted and  what worked for you to help you get through each week. Send us your post now. 


For all students, send us your suggestions and ideas for activities you want to participate in and help organize. Action creates purpose and hope. We want to hear from you. 

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