As a result of COVID-19, we are pausing all in person programs and are instead going virtual with FORTitude, our online program of resilience-building content and workshops delivered via our social channels and video conferencing. 

FORTitude for Parents

We're excited to be hosting our series of online panel discussions on parenting and mental health over the coming months to help us all stay connected and sane as we navigate these times together, helping us all discover behavioral tips and commonalities in this new normal.


Every month going forward, we will have mental health experts and guests join us for some insightful and great conversations where your questions can get answers. 

Thur, Sept 17th, 7pm 

Navigating Local Mental Health Resources

School's just started and many parents are concerned about the mental health impact on their teen from our continued social isolation. It can be difficult watching a teen struggle with their mental health and even harder trying to find the right support team. Have you worried about a mental health emergency or crisis? 

In our Parental Panel during Suicide Awareness month, we will talk to experts who oversee local mental health resources including crisis intervention services.   We will walk you through what each organization provides and how to reach out for support.  These are extremely valuable, but often unknown resources for all parents, caregivers, and teens, so join us and learn what's available to you.

Guest Panelists

Heather Applegate, Ph.D. 

Supervisor, LCPS, Pupil Services

Mary Jo Blair, LCSW 

Loudoun County Department of Mental Health Substance Abuse and Developmental Services

Laura Mayer

Director, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services, CrisisLink

John P. Walker, Ph.D.,

Supervisor, LCPS Student Support Services 

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