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We're All Human/Sources of Strength

A student committee of teens helping other teens in partnership with their school and the support of the Ryan Bartel Foundation. Through training in Sources of Strength, teens are empowered to lead the way in determining what they can do to change the dialogue about suicide and create a cultural change of behavior, where everyone is accepted, supported and teens help other teens who are struggling and encouraged in help-seeking behavior. 

Peer groups become agents of change for creating awareness and breaking the stigma around depression and other causes of suicide, demonstrating that no one is alone, help comes in a variety of forms and through action and connection, there is hope for everyone. By using their own faces and voices, they can more easily influence their own friends and social groups. 

We're All Human/Sources of Strength groups meet regularly to ensure there is sharing, planning and implementation of campaigns and activities that can help others inside their own school and community. Collaboration between schools is welcomed for sharing ideas and creating community outreach. All your ideas count, so start your own We're All Human/Sources of Strength group in school today!

Upstream, preventative training program

Sources of Strength is an evidence-led, upstream youth suicide prevention training program that aims to help teens before they reach the point of crisis. The program uses an active learning model centered on: 

•developing coping skills

•finding inner strengths

•seeking outside help

•building connection with other peers and trusted adults

By focusing on positive psychology, the program aims to create a social change of behavior, spreading connection, acceptance  hope, help and strength to everyone.

We've partnered with Loudoun County Public Schools to help implement this program across Loudoun County, with 37 middle and high schools now involved. 

To learn more about this program, please contact us or your school.

Training day, courtesy of Loudoun Now.


"Your testimonies were the push that I needed in order to see the big picture. In fact, they ultimately saved my life."

"It really connected with me on a level that I haven't even reached myself, thank you.”

“The courage you and the others put into telling your story was really inspiring, thank you for everything you do.”

“This idea of the We’re All Human group is a brilliant idea. I am so incredibly blessed to be in a school who cares so much about this kind of stuff!”

“I was so ashamed of my past and my "weakness," but you made me feel strong today.. People like you make a difference.”

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