is a community space where teens connect and grow stronger together through a holistic and integrative experience that nourishes the mind and body. Delivered through 5 channels using different modalities, teens are empowered both internally and externally through the power of connection:

  • Expressive Arts – connecting with your inner self through art, music, writing, photography

  • Mindfulness – calming and connecting the mind and body through meditation, yoga 

  • Nature & Animals – healing through the connective force of equine & canine therapy 

  • Social Emotional – building trust and healthy connections through group games and discussion 

  • Relationships – fostering positive peer and adult connections through shared experiences

It's been created as an all-inclusive place for teens to de-stress, connect with peers and learn new skills that enable them to cope better with the pressures of life. In addition to fun ice-breaker games, group sharing and discussions, teens participate in workshops and activities that strengthen and enrich their lives.

We meet once a month for three hours, rotating between western, central and eastern Loudoun so we can be within easy reach for as many teens as possible. 


The FORT, January 23, 1-4 PM

at InMed Partnership for Children

21630 Ridgetop Circle Suite 130, Sterling, VA 20166

Recommended for ages 13 - 18

Teens will have the opportunity to select from two of the four workshop opportunities:

  • Creating vision boards

  • Collaborating on an art mural

  • Exploring nutrition for well-being

  • Learning about signs of stress with canine friends from Heeling House

Meet the January Workshop Leaders

Wolfe_Tamara Photo.jpg

Tamara Wolfe, Vision Boards

Tamara is a certified life coach and owner of Full Spectrum Living. She offers transformational coaching programs that help clients repattern limiting beliefs to create the results they desire to live richer, more fulfilling lives. Her greatest desire is for her clients to find their "sweet spot" where their passion and purpose intersect and they can truly say, "I love my life!" Tamara also offers inspirational webinars and workshops.


Kathy Benner, Heeling House

Kathy Benner is the founder and training director of Heeling House. She has a formal education in animal behavior, and 24 years of hands-on experience working in the industry. Kathy has worked full time training therapy dogs, teaching therapy dog training classes, and collaborating with Physical, Occupational and Speech and Language therapists to provide animal assisted therapy to hundreds of children in our community.’


Ashlyn Cohill, Heeling House

Ashlyn has been with Heeling House since 2018 as a volunteer and part time trainer. She has always loved dogs and animals, but when her own fearful reactive dog joined her family, Ashlyn discovered the importance of socialization and training. Ashlyn continues to educate herself on emerging dog training movements for reactivity and dog sports.

allison photo.png

Allison Gong, Art Mural

Allison Gong received her B.F.A. in Drawing from George Mason University and is currently working toward her master’s in Art Education. She teaches art K-12 at private schools in Northern Virginia and leads projects and studio activities in public schools through her master’s program. On weekends, she teaches art classes at an assisted living facility. All of her art teaching is done to increase students’ understanding of resiliency, self-understanding, and connections in their lives. Her goal as a teacher is to deepen students’ understanding of art practices and, in the process, encourage self-discovery.


Sarah DeVido, Functional Nutrition

Sarah is a Functional Nutrition Therapy practitioner with a background in genetics who, through nutrition, strives to heal the body and mind as a whole.  She is passionate about helping individuals maximize their health whether it is a high level athlete looking to optimize their performance or an individual wanting to improve their overall energy and well-being.