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A community space where teens meet once a month to connect and grow stronger together through a holistic and integrative experience that nourishes the mind and body. Delivered through 5 channels using different modalities, teens are empowered both internally and externally through the power of connection including:

  • Expressive Arts – connecting with your inner self through art, music, writing, photography

  • Mindfulness – calming and connecting the mind and body through meditation, yoga 

  • Nature & Animals – healing through the connective force of equine & canine therapy 

  • Social Emotional – building trust and healthy connections through group games and discussion 

  • Relationships – fostering positive peer and adult connections through shared experiences

De-stress, connect with peers and learn new skills to cope better with the pressures of life. Participate in fun ice-breaker games, group sharing and discussions, and activities that build resilience.


Sunday, February 26, 1-4 PM

Trillium Farms

18915 Lincoln Rd, Hillsboro, VA 20132

Ages 12-18

Teens at the FORT must be able to fully engage, participate and follow directions independently; have the cognitive ability to process the skills and messages taught; and discuss and communicate with others

Also available for teens, check out our

Teen Support Groups and Teen Mental Wellness Series

February FORT Workshop Providers

Teen Support Group Facilitated by

headshot - Calm Fox Coaching.jpg

Matthew Reid Fox (Mr. Fox)

Mental Health Educator, Advocate, and Coach

Hello! I'm Mr. Fox. I'm a Mental Health Educator, Advocate, and Coach. I'm excited to discuss what you feel is important to you inside and out, and how you work toward your goals. I have a clinical background and studied Couples and Family Therapy, Family Sciences, Special Education, and LGBT+ Studies. I'm a proud mental health nerd with a love of animals, cooking, and video games, and I enjoy talking about the ways our brains work, personal growth, and consent.

Teen Support Group Facilitated by

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 11.46.13 AM.png

Michelle Robinson

Summit Dog

Hey there! I’m Michelle Robinson and I am thrilled to be back at the FORT!


The team at Summit Dog is excited about our partnership with the FORT. Whether I am accompanied by my German Shepherd Simon, lovable Samoyeds, super-smart Australian Shepherds, a kind and sweet Golden Retriever, or even bunnies, we are all happy to share with you the unconditional love and support our animals have to offer.


It seems like a lifetime ago, I was a project manager working for a very large government contractor when I had a life-changing event that helped me to realize that I wanted more from life. I’ve always heard the phrase “find your passion and figure out a way to make a living doing it”, so after a lot of self-reflection and trying various activities, I realized that I LOVED training dogs and using them to make people happy! It wasn’t long after that I started my company, Summit Therapy Animal Services, to provide professional Animal Assisted Programs throughout Northern Virginia and Washington DC. It is a very rewarding job and I am blessed to work with my dogs to help people.

Teen Support Group Facilitated by


Nancy McGovern

Yoga Therpist

Hi, I’m Nancy McGovern, Yoga Therapist and I am so excited to be teaching Partner Yoga at The Fort in February.


This workshop is all about support. First, we will learn ways to support our overactive nervous systems. Then, we will cultivate support through partner and group yoga poses. Please come with an open mind and playful spirit.


I recently completed a Master of Science in Yoga Therapy at Maryland University of Integrative Health. In addition, I have a BFA in Dance from Florida State University. Sharing yoga skills with young people is one of my very favorite things!


In my free time, I enjoy time with my family, walking my 2 black labs, and lots of beach time with my family in Florida.

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