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The Teen Mental Wellness Facilitator Training (TMW Facilitator Training) is a 20-hour, professional development training that includes in-person and online instruction, group discussion, and skill-building activities that prepare adults to facilitate Ryan Bartel Foundation’s (RBF) innovative, resilience-based programs for teens. 


The program includes:

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid to increase participants' mental health literacy and skills for having supportive conversations with teens about mental health and how to respond to a crisis. 

  • Grounding in RBF’s mission, values, and approach to incorporate protective factors into its teen programs in a creative and engaging way. This includes using interactive activities and workshops that explore mindfulness, expressive arts, nature, animals, physical activity, and social-emotional support as strategies to promote resilience in teens while using trauma-informed and culturally responsive facilitation techniques. 

  • How to create a safe space for teens to be their authentic selves by fostering acceptance, connection with other teens and adults, resiliency, and hope.

  • Supported practice, peer-to-peer learning opportunities, feedback, and coaching to advance participants' skills in motivating, engaging, and building resilience in teens.  

The inaugural TMW Facilitator Training cohort will have all training and licensing fees waived by RBF.

Facilitators who complete certification in the program are expected to commit to facilitating at least six of RBF’s mental wellness programs/workshops as a paid contractor during the 12 months following their certification.

The application window for a new training cohort will open late 2024.

Who should apply?

Priority will be given to applicants who meet the following criteria…
  • Are 18 years and older. 
  • Live within driving distance of Loudoun County.
  • Can commit to facilitating programs after school, in the evenings, and weekends.

  • Have at least 3 years of experience working with teens (as educators, coaches, counselors, specialists, youth leaders and therapists).

  • Have a passion for promoting mental health and resilience in teens. 

  • Bring skills, talents, and interests that align with RBF workshops, such as yoga, movement, mindfulness, art, music, nature, animals, drama/theater, photography, physical activity, etc. (yoga teachers, art/ music/ theater teachers, art therapists, music therapists, etc.)
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Why complete the TMW Facilitator Training?  • To learn how to lead creative, resilience-based workshops that explore mindfulness, expressive arts, nature, animals, relationships, and social-emotional support. • To learn strategies to create a safe space for teens to be authentic selves that fosters acceptance, connection with teens and adults, resiliency, and hope. • To provide interactive resilience-based workshops to young people as a paid contractor in RBF’s community-based programs or partnership with RBF in your school or organization. • To access RBF’s library of the FORT mental wellness lesson plans, select resources and materials, including the RBF TMW Facilitator Resource Hub. • To join a cohort of professional colleagues passionate about youth mental health and benefit from peer-to-peer sharing of experiences, best practices, and connections. • To get supervised facilitation practice, feedback, and ongoing coaching and support from RBF staff. • To achieve a new professional credential to showcase on professional materials/platforms to differentiate yourself, complete with a certification to distinguish your commitment to building resilience in teens. • To contribute to the RBF mission of fostering a community of acceptance, compassion, and inclusion where all young people feel connected and hopeful and have the will to live.

How do you achieve TMW Facilitator Training Certification?  1. Complete the TMW Facilitator Training Application and submit a background check. 2. Participate in a virtual interview with RBF staff. 3. Participate in Virtual Orientation Call (Thursday, February 8, from 7-8pm). 4. Complete all sessions included in the TMW Facilitator Training: • 2 hours of self-paced online content. • 5.5 hours of virtual content led by RBF staff over Zoom (to be scheduled based on the availability of the cohort). • 1 in-person session- led by RBF staff on March 16th from 9-4 pm, Location TBD. 5. Pass the final online competency exam demonstrating knowledge of the following: • Common stressors and mental health challenges facing youth. • How to support a young person experiencing a mental health challenge or in a crisis. • RBF’s upstream mental wellness programs to the foundation’s mission of youth suicide prevention. • Best practices in youth facilitation. 6. Demonstrate the ability to present a FORT workshop with fidelity to a group of RBF youth while being observed by RBF staff. 7. Sign the RBF TMW Facilitator Agreement verifying compliance with all RBF youth safety policies and protocols and committing to facilitating six workshops during the calendar year.

How do you maintain your TMW Facilitator Training Certification? Once certified, Facilitators are expected to lead at least six RBF mental wellness workshops (paid) during the 12 months following their certification and will be eligible for additional contracted facilitator roles. Facilitators are encouraged to join coaching calls with RBF staff and colleagues to discuss challenges and opportunities during the year.

What do TMW Facilitator Training do? Facilitators are critical to fostering a community of acceptance, compassion, and inclusion where all young people feel connected and hopeful and have the will to live. Facilitators engage teens during THE FORT, a safe, healing community space for young people to connect. Facilitators lead creative, resilience-based workshops that explore mindfulness, expressive arts, nature, animals, relationships, and social-emotional support. Facilitators help teens: • Learn coping skills to manage stress, anxiety, and depression. • Develop a growth mindset from exposure to new modalities for learning stress management • Practice healthy ways of communicating when life is challenging • Establish connections with peers and adults in a safe, healing, inclusive community. • Develop self-awareness of existing strengths Facilitators lead FORT workshops for young people as paid contractors in RBF’s community-based programs. Facilitators may also be able to provide FORT workshops in partnership with RBF in their schools or youth-serving organizations.

If you have questions about this program, email Dr. Lacey Rosenbaum at
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