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  • Sid Ramirez, 17, Woodgrove High School

Who are we to judge?

Humans have a natural evil to them, we love to judge others. But truthfully, why do we judge, and who are we to judge? Every single one of us, you, me, the person beside you, are all unique, weird, and quirky in their own ways.

We judge others based on their looks, grades, social status, and even the followers they have on social media! Throughout my school career, I’ve surely been judged on numerous occasions because of my nationality and my looks. I’m not the kid with biceps the size of Africa, I’m more of the kid in the background with the middle finger in the picture. I’m not the kid with the chiseled jawline, or the all-star pro athlete with all the babes and the wild parties. I prefer to have my own parties… Xbox Live parties.

You’re unique, in your own way. I see it as in my mind, that I'm who I am and that I’m perfect in my own special way. You should feel special in the way you look, feel good about your body… because it’s unique… just like you. Don’t care about what others tell you, just smile and forget about it. There is someone out there who is looking for a person like you, and it may be a while before you find that person, but they’re waiting… go get ‘em.

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