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  • Anonymous, John Champe High School

Okay Alone

Feeling different could be a pleasant or horrible experience. Personally, it was a pleasant time for me, a lot of people always associate being different than everybody and not fitting in as a really hard time of their childhood. One of the biggest experiences of my life that I was really out of place in was when I moved to the United States in 2017. It was the first time I experienced being in a middle school that moved from class to class and had lockers! I honestly enjoyed being alone at the beginning because it gave me the freedom to take my time to process everything in my own way.

I didn’t feel left out even though I was. I was really different considering I had to have a teacher unlock my locker every single block since I didn’t know how to open it. Some people would’ve loved to have someone guide them through the way and that’s fine. You can also be alone and okay and that was the moral point of my story. For example, its OKAY to sit alone in a restaurant or walk the school halls by yourself.



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