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A place for teens to de-stress, just be themselves, and feel like they belong.

Sunday, January 7, 1:00 - 4 PM

Crossroads, 19300 Promenade Dr Suite 200, Leesburg, VA

Belonging and connectedness are fundamental parts of being human. When  we feel we belong, have support and are not alone, we are more resilient, often coping more effectively with difficult times in our lives.


The FORT offers a safe, healing community space for teens where they can feel that sense of connection and belonging because they are accepted, supported and heard. Games, discussions, creative and fun interactive workshops help them:  


  • Develop a growth mindset from exposure to new modalities for learning stress management = “I can try this the next time I get upset.”

  • Practice healthy ways of communicating when life is challenging = “I am good at communicating how I feel.”

  • Establish connections with peers and adults in a safe, healing, inclusive community = “I belong here.”

  • Develop self-awareness of existing strengths = “I have worth.”


Check out the choice of fun workshops at this upcoming FORT:

Make Your Own Dream Catchers Workshop

In this creative workshop, you’ll learn the art of making a dream catcher! You may know that dream catchers are rooted in Native American culture, but did you know that they’re believed to protect individuals from negative dreams and energies? As you weave your dream catcher, you'll be encouraged to set intentions and affirmations, focusing on positive thoughts and goals. Get creative while building a mindful approach towards good sleep and dreams.

Canine Companions: Goals and Guidance Workshop

In this unique workshop, you will explore the power of intention-setting and goal-making alongside therapy dogs. As participants interact with these gentle animals, they'll be guided to reflect on their aspirations and intentions, learning how empathy and companionship can be instrumental in achieving emotional balance. You’ll not only experience stress relief and emotional support, you’ll also learn to mindfully set and pursue your personal goals, all in the relaxing company of therapy dogs.

Bloom & Breathe: Yoga and Plant Pot Decorating

In this engaging workshop designed for teens, you will combine yoga with a Plant Pot Decorating activity to enhance mindfulness and personal growth. The session begins with yoga poses and breathing exercises to promote relaxation and focus. You’ll then transition to decorating your own pot and planting seeds or succulents, symbolizing growth and nurturing – essential elements in both yoga and life. This hands-on activity serves as a beautiful metaphor for personal development and intention setting as you begin your yoga journey.

“The FORT means community to me because everybody is accepting and compassionate.” 
- Teen Participant

FORT Providers

Lauren Katz.jpeg

Breathing Starlight

Chef and teacher

My name is Lauren Katz, and I am the executive chef at The Difference Baker in Ashburn. I am looking forward to leading you in the Build a Ginger Bread House workshop!

My goal is for participants to express themselves creatively and socialize with each other to make edible art that represents their personal style and maybe form connections with others over the shared activity. 


I hold a BFA in Painting and printmaking from VCU, and have been using my artistic skill in cooking and baking for over 20 years. I have won many televised, online, and in-person baking competitions and recipe contests. I was also an art teacher in Fairfax County prior to having my 3 children.

Kirsten Shabanowitz_edited.jpg

Kiss of Yoga

Kirsten Shabanowitz, RYT-200

Hello my friends,


I’m Kirsten, a yoga and meditation teacher for kids through adults. I am a big believer in the power of yoga for both our physical and mental health. Whether we are moving, meditating, breathing, journaling or getting out in nature it is all a part of yoga and can provide our minds with a sense of calm and clarity through regular practice. Yoga practices are all about connecting to yourself and keeping expectations far away!  Just like we all learn differently and at different paces, our bodies move and act differently from one another’s and there is no need for comparison. My goal is to not only teach what yoga is, but also how to apply it to your daily life in a way that makes sense for you. You can take what works and leave behind what doesn’t. I invite you to bring a smile, your sense of humor, any questions you may have and I will see you on the mat!

Also available for teens:

Teen Hangout and Teen Mental Wellness Series

FORTitude Teen Workshop

Middle School Series

Jan 17 - Feb 21, 6:30-8:00 pm

at Fusion

FORTitude for Parents

Resources and guidance from experts 

Jan 18, 7-8 pm

FORTitude Teen Workshop

Middle School Series

Jan 23 - Feb 27, 6:00-7:30 pm

at Crossroads

FORTitude Teen Hangout

Safe and supportive space for teens

Jan 23 - Feb 13, 7:30-8:30 pm



Creative and interactive workshops in a safecommunity space for teens

Feb 11, 1-4 pm


The FORT Teen Hangout

A one hour support group for teens to connect AFTER FORT. 

Feb 11, 4-5 pm


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