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Virtual Teen Mental Wellness Series
A Journey to Self-Discovery and Finding Your Tribe



at 21030 Whitfield Pl, Potomac Falls

at 21030 Whitfield Pl, Potomac Falls

Tuesdays, June 4 - 25, 6:30 - 8:00pm

This session is a VIRTUAL 4-Week series

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Register for this series of virtual meetups that give middle schoolers and high schoolers, ages 11-18, struggling with social anxiety or loneliness time to engage in fun activities and online shared experiences with teens like them.

The workshops are designed to provide teens with the knowledge, tools, encouragement and community support they need to become more resilient and self-confident. Each week will introduce a new theme that builds up to deeper self-awareness, self-acceptance, emotional intelligence and healthy relationship skills. By the end of the series, teens will feel empowered by new personalized coping skills, self-awareness and a sense of belonging to their own tribe.

The Teen Mental Wellness Series is for Middle School & High School Students ages 11-18
(grades 6-12). 

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What happens at each meetup?


Teens will have interactive discussions, activities, games, and mindful moments to encourage interaction and help teens get to know each other. Some of our most popular ice breaker games: "The Name Game,” “Human Bingo,” and “Two Truths and a Lie.”


Each week teens will explore who they are in terms of their mind, body, emotions and relationships.

Theme: I am Enough

  • I am more than what I think

  • I am more than what I see

  • I am more than what I feel

  • I am more than what I believe

Teen Mental Wellness Series Goals:

Each teen will develop or strengthen the following skills.

  • Develop more confidence, self-awareness and self-acceptance. 

  • Practical tools or strategies to help handle difficult situations, thoughts and feelings that ultimately make them feel happier and more hopeful.

  • Techniques to feel more in control of their body and emotions.

  • Calming techniques to feel more relaxed.

  • Know where to turn when those tools are not enough.

  • How to recognize healthy relationships in their lives.

Space is limited to ensure that each participant is given the opportunity to engage with the leaders and other participants in a meaningful, mindful way.  All workshops are interactive so registrants must attend ready to participate with cameras on.

Workshop Facilitators


Jennifer Montes, Program Manager, MSW

Jennifer is originally from Herndon, Virginia. She attended Virginia Commonwealth University, where she got her Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.). During her undergrad, she worked with the disability community, HUD-subsidized housing communities, and non-profit work in the mental health sector. After being exposed to the inequalities, injustices, and unjust barriers those individuals faced, she went on to get her Masters of Social Work (M.S.W.) with a concentration in administration, planning, and policy practice. She wanted to use her passion of empowering individuals but also saw a great need for systemic change in the world. She joined the Ryan Bartel Foundation because she became passionate about mental health due to her lived experiences. She also realized how mental health affects all aspects of someones life, yet it has been one of the most neglected subjects for centuries. Jennifer said, “change is not an easy nor a fast process. Before advocating for our needs, we must address our own biases instilled in us our entire lives. Non-profit work is not a quick fix but a crucial part in the equation for systemic change.”

Anchor at Mindful Moment

Enjoy this mindful moment from our Teen Workshops!

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