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Ryan Bartel Foundation Heart of Humanity Award

Congratulations to our 2023 winners, Gabby Guambo & Katelyn Lanham

Learn more about the Heart of Humanity Award

In memory of the values demonstrated by Ryan Bartel, Woodgrove High School Class of 2015, this unique $2,500 scholarship awards high school seniors helping a peer going through a difficult time with their mental health, with acceptance and without judgment.
This is no ordinary scholarship...this award is not based on academic achievement, athletic prowess or extracurricular leadership. It awards young adults helping other young adults who may be struggling with their mental and emotional well being. 

Individuals cannot nominate themselves. They must be unknowingly nominated by a peer, classmate, friend, teammate, or other member of the community up to age 21 who experienced or witnessed consistent acts of kindness, help and support from this person. 

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Nomination Window Reopens: January 15, 2025

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Past Award Winners

Gabby Guambo (Dominion High School)
Katelyn Lanham (Loudoun County High School)
2021, 2022

No scholarships awarded 


Aidan Trimmer (Riverside High School)

Lilah Grace Elnaggar (Riverside High School)

Peri Regan (Woodgrove High School)



Sarah Lindsey (Heritage High School)

Madeleine Pennington (Heritage High School)

Daniel Fisher (John Champ High School)

Kelly Tran (Park View High School)

Parsa Nikpour (Dominion High School)



Joseph Cypher (Loudoun Valley High School)

Steffanie Urbano (Briar Woods High School)

Robby Scola (Heritage High School)

Owen Fuller (Woodgrove High School)

Kate Brunotts (Broad Run High School)


​Emily Beach (Woodgrove High School)​

Brianna Plumhof (Woodgrove High School)

Sarah Gaston (Heritage High School)



Nathan Oakley (Loudoun Valley High School),

Trey Rustand (Woodgrove High School)

Josh Zullo (Woodgrove High School)


​Sarah Harkins (Woodgrove High School),

Alex Rivera (Woodgrove High School),

Maddie Salahi (Woodgrove High School)

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