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  • Syeda Fizza Fatima, 15, Heritage High School

Never Give Up

You are pathetic, Disgusting, Ugly, Worthless. These are only some of the comments teenagers all around the globe must face every day. Why? Because our society nowadays portrays this stereotype: that if you are fat or mentally ill or are going through some other problem, you are of no use. That you don’t matter. But that is false. You matter more than them. Because they might be perfectly settled in their perfect lives, but they don’t feel. They don’t understand what you go through every second of your life. But, your family and friends understand and feel your pain. They know the hardships you are facing. And if you think that they don’t, in the end you still have God. He knows for sure. So, don’t ever GIVE UP, keep going, because one day you will find yourself in a much better place. Meanwhile, we can work towards changing this society. This stigma is what needs to go. And all of us need to be stronger TOGETHER and prove that every life, big or small, troubled or free of worries, matters. Because each one of us is Beautiful, Charming, Strong, Fearless…and WORTH IT.

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