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PO Box 184, Waterford, VA 20197

Sun Dec 15th, 1:00-4:00pm

Doors open 12:30

Trillium Farm

18915 Lincoln Rd, 

Purcellville, VA 20132

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THE FORT is a community space where young people can connect with each other, share, have fun and grow strong together.


It's been created as an all inclusive place for teens to de-stress, connect with peers and learn new skills that enable them to cope better with the pressures of life. In addition to fun ice-breaker games, group sharing and discussions, teens participate in workshops and activities that strengthen and enrich their lives.

We meet once a month for three hours, rotating between western, central and eastern Loudoun so we can be within easy reach for as many teens as possible.


The FORT, Dec 15th

Come and destress before the holiday with some great workshops that include Therapy Dogs, Art, Mindfulness and Equine Workshop. Check out the workshop descriptions and sign up on the REGISTRATION PAGE.

Meet our fantastic workshop leaders below.

Equine (Horse) Experience: The Importance of Self care

Project Horse

The FORT is thrilled to be partnering with Project Horse again this year to bring equine-assisted therapy to our groups. The Project Horse workshop will be co-facilitated by Cris Lindsay, a Professional Life Coach, and Certified Equine Specialists Darcy Woessner and Maria Kimble. All three facilitators have several years of experience delivering equine-assisted wellness, experiential learning and therapy programs. They have extensive combined experience working with clients of all ages, and with a variety of challenges, including emotional, behavioral, cognitive and developmental.

Canine experience

Elaine Johnson

Hello! I am Elaine Johnson and my two furry partners are Golden Retrievers, Willson a 9 year old male and Parker a 5 year old female. We are excited to begin this adventure with the FORT. We will be providing Animal Assisted Intervention sessions.

I have worked with children of all ages for 11 years, I’m currently a Special Education Teacher at an LCPS school and previously worked as an Animal Assisted Interventionist at two residential treatment centers. Prior to this I volunteered with my first service dog, Molly with paws4people in LCPS schools. 

I have had the pleasure of working with 4 service dogs, three of these were my own, two of these I trained myself, Parker the third, was 14 months old when I got her and she came with some training. I’ve also worked with two other therapy dogs, these were all either Labs or Goldens. Both Willson and Parker are accomplished therapy dogs and K9 Freestyle dancers. Parker is lovable, calm, smart, kind and sensitive, she loves belly rubs and is very quick to learn, while being a mischief. Willson has worked with children since he was 12 weeks old, he has cheered many a client with his silly antics and comic attitude and is sweet, huggable and wants to help. He is also a double freestyle champion and lives to train and dance. 

We work on providing unconditional love and friendship, work to increase self confidence for those needing it, complete tricks, provide a relaxing atmosphere to chill out and team building opportunities through group work

In our Animal Assisted sessions we will work on introductions to the dogs through learning to greet them appropriately, setting boundaries, learning some important safety aspects on how to behave around dogs and teaching some tricks. Participants will have the chance to relax, have fun, pet the dogs and brush them and generally get to know them.

Clients leave sessions feeling relaxed and happy, they learn more about themselves and how their behavior affects the dogs. 

Art: The Same but yet Unique

Jill Perla

Hi there! My name is Jill Perla, I own a company called Jill Perla Art and I live in Western Loudoun County. As a professional artist I have won awards and sold my art all over the world. It still seems crazy to think that before I opened this business, I was working at large associations in D.C. doing marketing and sales. While I really enjoyed my work, I decided to get off the hamster wheel and do something that I really love, which is creating art. One of my passions is to connect people to their inner creative self, (even those people who don’t think they have a creative bone in their body). If you are ready to have some fun, join me in for a super low-key but upbeat art class at the FORT!


Mindfulness Bottle Making

Donilee Alexander-Goldsmith

Hi, my name is Donilee and I am a licensed clinical social worker.  I have been a school social worker for Loudoun County Public Schools for the past 4 years.  Prior to coming to LCPS I worked in a school in Washington, DC for 22 years. 


I am passionate about helping students navigate their world, understand their emotions, and identify sources of strength they can pull from to support them when difficult situations arise. I am a certified Sources of Strength Trainer for Loudoun County Public Schools and am excited to bring my knowledge and experience with Mindfulness to the FORT. 

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