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THE FORT is a community space where young people can connect with each other, share, have fun and grow strong together.


Due to our current environment, we've adapted like everyone else by going virtual for the coming weeks!


FORTitude is our online program, delivered via our social channels, with a commitment towards positive, resilience-based content and workshops to keep you connected and strong as we navigate these times together.  

Our FORT workshop leaders, Sources of Strength trainers, friends and community partners are coming together to collaborate and support all of YOU as we emphasize that we are STRONGER  TOGETHER. You'll find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @RyanBartelFoundation. Check out our content this coming week:

March 30-April 3

Mindful Monday

The Joy of GRATITUDE journaling

with Professional Life Coach and FORT Workshop Leader

Tamara Wolfe 


Tool Box Tuesday

Situations are opportunities for change

PJ Fleck on defining a new normal in the COVID-19 environment


We're All Human Wednesday

Recognizing Strength of Character, Acts of Kindness and Support of Others

Acceptance of Others Award


Thoughtful Thursday

Embracing Acceptance

Three definitions of Acceptance and why they're important


High 5 Friday

Give a virtual High 5 to someone who helped uplift your spirits and brought you joy.


Share you pictures, videos, comments @RyanBartelFoundation

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