FORTitude is our online program, delivered via our social channels and video meet ups, with a commitment towards positive, resilience-based content and workshops to keep you connected and help your mental health stay strong as we navigate these times together.  

Our FORT workshop leaders, Sources of Strength trainers, friends and community partners are coming together to collaborate and support all of YOU as we emphasize that we are STRONGER TOGETHER. You'll find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @RyanBartelFoundation with inspiring content and stories while also offering virtual workshops over the coming weeks and months.


FORTitude Teen Meet-Ups 

Join our weekly Teen online meet-ups that encourages connection, friendship, fun and sharing for all teens coping with continued isolation, social distancing and distance learning. Moderated by our certified Sources of Strength staff, you can enjoy ice breaker games, great discussions and a challenge to help keep everyone motivated and get to know one another. Registration required to access.

Wednesday, April 21 at 6 PM

Weekly Social FORTitude series

Check out our online content delivered on our social channels Mon-Fri every week.


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