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  • Chris Croll, Ryan Bartel Foundation Board Member

Letting Go of Outcomes

The more we let go, the more greatness we allow into our lives

Elsa from the movie Frozen got it right when she belted out that we need to “let it go.” Right now during this difficult time, we need to let ALL of it go…the plans, the goals, the entire program…including the script we had written for ourselves for the year 2020.

In order to survive this time of unknowing, we need to let go of any and all outcomes. The only way forward is to feel our way through life from one moment to the next, all without the benefit of knowing how, or if, it’s going to pan out. The alternative is to live with anxiety and panic which work against us instead of allowing us to flow in harmony with the universe.

Letting go of outcomes is not easy to do. We get attached to the outcomes we scripted for our lives and suddenly those are -- POOF! -- gone. There is mourning involved in letting go of what we thought was going to be. There is sadness. Letting go means surrendering and (gasp!) feeling vulnerable. It means accepting that we are not all knowing. In fact, we know very little about what’s going to happen.

One thing we do know, if we listen to our inner wisdom, is that the more we let go, the more greatness we allow into our lives. The universe dreams a lot bigger than we do so if we can muster the bravery to let it all go and just ride the wave of the moment, we are likely to experience life on a much higher level than we ever could have scripted for ourselves.

So how exactly does one ‘let go’ of outcomes?

First, recognize that you are attached to the script you have in your head for how your life was ‘supposed’ to go. When you become consciously aware of the attachment, you have already started the process of letting go.

Next, surrender fully to the fact that you have absolutely no control over how things work out. Develop a mantra such as, “I have no control of anything...and I like it!” Say it over and over again until you believe it.

Begin co-creating with the universe instead of trying to drive your own agenda – make the best of things…enjoy the freedom of groundlessness! You’re floating in a vortex of the unknown - isn’t it grand?

Live in the moment. Just be. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Let that be enough.

Once you let go, you will be drawn to specific people, projects, ideas, hobbies, colors, scents, music, movement, textures…follow your light and do what fills you up.

It’s all going to be okay…we just don’t know what ‘okay’ looks like yet. Try to enjoy the process of letting go. These are skills we can use for the rest of our lives because, really, we never were in control of much in the first place.

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