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  • Shubhay Mishra, Sophomore, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.


In the depths of darkest night,

When all hope seems out of sight,

When the pain is real and true,

And the tears fall like the morning dew.

In those moments of despair,

When you feel like no one cares,

And the weight of the world is on your shoulders,

And you're just trying to make it through.

Know that you are not alone,

That there are people who care,

Who will listen to your story,

And be there to support and share.

Life can be hard and unfair,

But it's worth holding on,

For the sunrise of tomorrow,

For the love that's yet to come.

So when the thoughts of ending it all,

Start creeping into your mind,

Remember that you are loved,

And that you're needed in this life.

You are strong, you are brave,

You are so much more than you know,

Don't give up on yourself,

You deserve to let your light glow.

Reach out to those who care,

And remember you're not alone,

Together we can fight the darkness,

And find our way back home.


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