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  • Rohitha, Junior


My story is based on something I've observed this year. Although it isn't a problem that's widely spread, it still happens now and then at places. So, it is something that takes place in clubs, group activities and teams. I've noticed that a lot of times people in the clubs tend to make groups with their friends and leave out those that are calm, quiet and have trouble expressing their opinions. These groups don't want to include the quiet ones in the plans or activities that they do in the club. I’ve gone through it and it gives a feeling of isolation even when there are many people around you. It sometimes brings up a question of why I don’t feel included and the answer could be that may be because I don’t talk as much as everyone else does. However, I think if people in the group are more welcoming and friendly, it automatically makes reserved people open up.

I would encourage these types of segregated groups to show some team spirit by equally including everyone and trying to make those quiet people feel more comfortable in talking with them and participating in the activities. Team spirit is shown only when everyone in the group is actually enjoying whatever they are doing and not actually feeling left out at certain times. I believe that in order to prevent these situations from happening, the specific groups should think about the quiet people and try to pull them into any kind of fun discussions they do. All members of the team should keep every single person engaged in every conversation and activity that takes place so that no one feels left out. Another way the left out people could be included is when they themselves show more interest in the group conversations and actually interact more with different people in the team. For equal treatment in clubs, it is important for both sides to take effective actions; everyone has to be involved in the activities, express their views openly, make others feel comfortable, should respect one another’s opinions, should include everyone without having any biases on one’s personality.


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