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  • Shubhay Mishra, Sophomore, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.


My heart once filled with doubts and shame,

Didn't know the joy of life's refrain;

It seemed I couldn't win, not even in a game,

But I have now embraced a different lane.

I am who I am and that's just fine,

My heart is now open, no longer confined;

The fear of judgment and expectations of mine,

No longer take away the joy that will shine.

The inner voice that so often said 'no',

Has been replaced with a voice that says 'Go!'

For I have learned to accept what I know,

And the beauty of my soul does show.

The love I have for myself is strong,

My worth and value are no longer wrong;

No more do I stand in the shadows long,

My newfound self-acceptance makes me strong.


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