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  • Advitiya Srinivasan, Junior, Briar Woods High School

My Childhood

I remember when I was truly carefree

Every white fluffy dandelion I blew

My parents used to take care of everything for me

And I never knew the hardships that other children went through

And then I grew up, and I cared too much

My childhood had just disappeared

I had too much work and worry to concern myself with

And every thought of mine was unclear

It’s all about the shoulding

I should be doing more. I should be doing better

In reality, the only person you’re fighting is yourself

But stringing thoughts is harder than stringing letters

I know my childhood is still waiting in there for me

The way she got robbed, she wasn't ready to be

Forced to grow up on a path she never chose

Running away from all the attention, no one knew where she goes

But she is still here, deep down inside

Watching me grow up, with happiness and pride

Despite the obvious societal pressure and force

She still guides me faithfully along my course

I forget that she doesn’t care about what others think

Doesn’t care whether my favorite color may be blue or pink

She encourages me to just be myself, and it makes sense

I promise her to try, even though I don’t have the confidence

I didn’t want to die regretting not jumping in puddles or playing in trees

So I gave up and asked her to take over me

I finally just wanted to feel content and happy

So I opened the cage and set her free


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