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  • Shubhay Mishra, Sophomore, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.


I accept who I am

In all of my flaws,

My imperfections,

My mistakes.

I accept the person I'm becoming

Slowly, each day,

I am learning

To love and accept me

In every way.

I accept all of my emotions

In the highs and lows,

The joy and sorrow,

The anger and peace.

I accept the people in my life

The ones who stay,

The ones who go,

The ones who come and go.

I accept the path I walk

The one of my own,

The one that is meant for me

The one that I own.

I accept life,

In all its beauty and pain,

The moments of triumph

And the moments of shame.

I accept myself,

My place in the world,

My journey in life

That I must unfurl.


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