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  • Charlotte, 10th Grader at Loudoun School for Advanced Studies

Volunteering Creates Gratitude and Appreciation

Gratitude. When a lot of us hear that word, we think of people and things we are grateful for. We show gratitude by thanking our parents for the roof over our heads or by saying a prayer before each nurturing meal. We hear ‘gratitude’ and immediately think of showing gratefulness, but the concept of gratitude extends far beyond an appreciation for tangible blessings. By incorporating gratitude into our everyday lives, we improve our own lifestyles and the lifestyles of those around us.

As a volunteer for the Ryan Bartel Foundation, I have offered my support to a youthful community. But I have also found irreplaceable support within them. For me and other RBF volunteers, donating time, energy, and compassion is a way for us to support, guide, and care for struggling peers without expecting anything in return.

Walking away from every RBF activity, workshop, or event I feel like everything that I offer to them, they offer to me. I fight to inspire acceptance, support, and connection within the attendees, but each person I meet through RBF lets me walk away holding the same.

For myself and many of my loved ones, volunteering is a vital aspect of our grateful and appreciative mindsets. When we are able to sacrifice our time and our wisdom with the intention to improve at least one person’s life, we are increasingly mindful of the lives we lead and the people we affect.

The Ryan Bartel Foundation has taken value in my advice and proved to me that my voice is meant to be heard. Every moment spent with RBF, is a moment that I feel confident in my decisions. For me, volunteering is a pastime that creates gratitude and appreciation in every aspect of my life.


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