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  • Shubhay Mishra, Sophomore, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

Ode to Self-Acceptance

O self-acceptance, how sweet thy name The key to happiness, and to end the game Of self-doubt and shame, that plagues the mind You set us free, and make us kind

To ourselves, and to others too With you, we have nothing to prove No need to hide, or put on a show Just be ourselves, and let our true colors glow With you, we can love our flaws and all And rise above the societal call To conform and be perfect, in every way But with self-acceptance, we dare to say I am me, and that is enough

I am worthy, and I deserve love No longer do we seek validation Self-acceptance is our liberation So let us sing, an ode to thee Self-acceptance, our destiny May we always remember, to love ourselves And in that love, true happiness dwells.


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