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Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in ages 13 - 19.

Statewide, Virginia saw an increase of 66 suicides in 2019 to 87 suicides in 2020 among children ages 10-19.

According to the Virginia Department of Health, ER visits for self-harm and suicide among 10–19-year-old Loudoun County residents rose from 516 in 2019 to 411 in only the first half of 2021.

We know how to help...

Connections to friends, family, and community support can protect teens from suicide.

One of the most significant protective factors for youth is a caring relationship with a trusted adult.

Coping and problem-solving skills can protect teens from suicide.

Teens told us after participating in our programs..

They felt less lonely and more connected to other teens and felt better about themselves.

They felt happier, less anxious, and less stressed.

"I learned to think of myself as a friend and how would I talk to a friend! Also to love yourself more."

"I learned self reflection and being my best friend."

"I learned to listen more, that is so important. I have OCD so stress is a big part of my life and this helped me a ton."

"I learned that writing notes about my gratitude helped me voice it and helped others know it."

"I learned not to fall for peer pressure and be yourself."

"I learned to accept myself the way I am no matter what, and how important good and bad peer pressure is."

"[The FORT] helps me calm myself down and helps me be a better person to other people and myself."

"I’ve never been a person that’s overly accepting of the idea of trying something new but after [the FORT] I can definitely say I will give my next opportunity a “yes I will go” or “yes I will do.”

We have helped...

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Because no child should ever feel so hopeless that they want to give up on life.


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"Teens need trusted, caring adult mentors to connect with, be a listening ear, receive support from and be positively affirmed. Teens need to connect with their peers in safe, nourishing learning environments, and participate in quality, upstream programs to develop skills and tools to foster good communication, build healthy relationships, cope with stress, cultivate resilience and have fun."

"I believe that with education, relationships, and knowing we are not alone in our thoughts, feelings, or experiences, we can decrease the impact of suicide in our society, especially amongst our teens."

"Because people close to me have struggled with mental health, including suicidality. I know first-hand that it takes a safe, nurturing, accepting, loving village to raise a child these days. Ryan Bartel Foundation programs save lives. I can't think of anything more noble than that. Thank you for helping us to support our community's children."

"...because every teen needs to know that there is help and hope!"