Letting Go of Outcomes

Elsa from the movie Frozen got it right when she belted out that we need to “let it go.” Right now during this difficult time, we need to let ALL of it go…the plans, the goals, the entire program…including the script we had written for ourselves for the year 2020. In order to survive this time of unknowing, we need to let go of any and all outcomes. The only way forward is to feel our way through life from one moment to the next, all without the benefit of knowing how, or if, it’s going to pan out. The alternative is to live with anxiety and panic which work against us instead of allowing us to flow in harmony with the universe. Letting go of outcomes is not easy to do. We get attached to th

Acceptance is a Gift that Gives Back

During these unprecedented times I am, like many of you, spending more time alone with my thoughts. I am thankful for this, as our lives are typically a flurry of schedules that leave us exhausted at the end of each day, with little time left for reflection. In doing so, I have realized that surprisingly, I am not feeling overly anxious or stressed. So I want to share the reason why in the hope that this may also help some of you. And it all comes down to a singular thought which is Acceptance. Acceptance is a major theme that runs through the work of the Ryan Bartel Foundation, and to do it justice I want to share three different perspectives on it: Mindful Acceptance It can be difficult to

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